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Online Commercial Drone Insurance Portal Now Available!

Hope Aviation Insurance is pleased to announce the availability of a new online portal for insuring commercial drones. Underwritten by a leading provider of worldwide aerospace insurance, Global Aerospace, the portal is “designed to provide drone owners and operators the ability to quickly and efficiently purchase an annual policy online and pay securely via credit card.”

“For a number of years, Global Aerospace has been developing portal technology to simplify access to our insurance products and help our customers transact business in a straightforward and efficient manner. Global has been at the forefront of insuring the UAS industry and the development of this portal is another example of our leadership and dedication to providing innovative tools to this rapidly expanding market,” said Chris Proudlove, Global Aerospace’s Senior Vice President and Manager of UAS Risks.

Hope Aviation Insurance has been providing insurance brokerage services exclusively for aviation risks since 1963. Our new online portal for drone insurance is another innovative step forward into the future as part of our “2020 Vision.”

To visit our new online commercial drone insurance portal, click here!

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