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HOPE Helps Promote Bizav Safety & Risk Mitigation

The NBAA Safety Committee successfully executed its leadership transition plan during the annual Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (BACE) held recently in Orlando. Hope Aviation’s Eric Barfield joined the Safety Committee in 2002 and was asked to be a part of the leadership team in 2008. He then succeeded HP Aviation Director Rich Walsh as chair in 2012 and has now passed the torch to Altria’s Steve Charbonneau. Dave Ryan of MedImpact steps up to serve as Vice Chair and Global Aerospace’s Marilena Sharpell joins the leadership team as Secretary.


During Eric’s tenure on the Safety Committee, he was a key participant in helping roll out many initiatives aimed at promoting and improving the level of safety and risk mitigation in the business aviation community:


Safety Committee Identifies Top Safety Focus Areas

Business & Commercial Aviation “Fast Five” Interview

NTSB’s “Most Wanted” Applies to Business Aviation

Making the Case for the Go/No-Go Decision

Safety Town Hall: Managing Top Risks

Avoiding Ground Mishaps: What Every Operator Needs to Know

Know Your Destination Airport

Podcast: Task Saturation – How Much is Too Much?

Improving Surface Operations a Big Issue

Keeping Your Head Above the Paperwork

Climbing Toward Safer Flying: New Approaches to Training & Safety

Help Wanted: Qualified Pilots and A&Ps

NTSB Safety Alerts on Decision-Making & Risk Management

Podcast: Preventing Unintended Safety Consequences of Public Policy

Business Aviation: An Enterprise Value Perspective (pg 18)

LBA Flight Operations Manual Template

NBAA Now Recognizes Private Pilots in Safety Award Program

Professionalism in Business Aviation

Safety Committee Brings FAA, Training Centers and Operators Together

Safety Culture Video

Tire Pressure Safety Alert

Updated Crew Rest Guidelines

VLJ Training Guidelines

Wildlife Strike Response

EWB Recognition

Eric Barfield is recognized for his years of service to the NBAA Safety Committee.