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Aviation Insurance Update 2Q 2017

The latest issue of INS Navigator has been released. This quarter, we discuss many issues currently impacting the aviation insurance industry to include the pilot shortage, drones, and the FAA’s new BasicMed. Click here to view our latest Newsletter! 

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Aviation Insurance Update 1Q 2017

As always this time of year, the Holidays are now already a distant memory. In the first issue of INS Navigator for 2017, we provide a brief market perspective for the year ahead along with a summary of our 2016 articles. Click here to view our latest Newsletter! 

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Aviation Insurance Update 4Q 2016

The latest installment of The INS Navigator, our quarterly newsletter has been released. This edition highlights our extensive online resource library as well as Stuart Hope’s latest articles written for AvBuyer Magazine. Click here to view the latest!

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Aviation Insurance Update 2Q 2016

Our latest newsletter has been released! Get up to speed on the latest news from the aviation insurance industry and HOPE Aviation Insurance by clicking here.

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Aviation Insurance Update 2Q 2015

Defining The Power of HOPE Earlier this year, we launched a short video series to help define the Power of HOPE. Our first video described “Our Path to Excellence” and reviewed how the company was founded and how we got to where we are today. We’re pleased to release our next video that highlights some…

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Aviation Insurance Update 1Q 2015

2020 Vision: HOPE for the Future! Hard to believe it’s already 2015. Harder still to believe that in just five short years, it will be 2020. As our company has grown and matured over its fifty-year history, we recognize the need to be more intentional in planning for the future. In an effort to perpetuate…

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Aviation Insurance Update 4Q 2014

War Risk Insurance… Is there a rate increase in your future? As published in World AvBuyer Magazine, September 2014 March 8th of this year, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared with 239 fatalities. The aircraft, a Boeing 777, was insured for a hull value of $100m, 50% of which was paid by the War Risk underwriters after…

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Aviation Insurance Update 3Q 2014

Using Contract Pilots? As published in World Aircraft Sales Magazine, May 2014 One of the company’s employee pilots has requested time off for vacation or sick leave. Your aviation manager has located a qualified person who flies the same make and model aircraft for another owner on the field to fill in and take the trip.…

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Newsletter 2 Quarter 2014

Why Insurers Say ‘No’ As published in World Aircraft Sales Magazine, March 2014 The Reasons Behind the Decision… Many savvy aircraft owners/risk managers ask if higher deductibles or amending insurance to ground-only coverage when their aircraft is down for an extended maintenance will result in a decrease in premium. Stuart Hope explains why the answer is…

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